Notary Public 200 has extensive experience in operations within the real estate development sector in Mazatlan. From the constitution of condominium property regimes, sales contracts, donations, trusts; at Notary Public 200 we are expert professionals in the field of real estate.

 We are your allies in protecting your estate and that of your loved ones!

We can provide you with the necessary services to secure your assets:

  • Awards by inheritance.
  • Awards by court auction.
  • Capital Contributions to corporate entities.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Mortgage cancelations.
  • Sales contracts.
  • Constitution of condominium property regimes.
  • Payment in kind.
  • Formalization of transfers of property.
  • Property merging.
  • Exchanges (Barter).
  • Notarization of real estate development floor plans.
  • Subdivision of roperty.
  • Transfer of property through the execution of trusts.